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Herbal products always used to fascinate the world due to its highly nutritious and amazing curing properties without having any considerable side effects. It is evident in the long history of traditional usage of plants for curing several ailments and providing very healthy alternate source of nutrition. Keeping this aspect in mind, Aaditya Herbals started offering Nutraceuticals ingredients which can very well cope up the deficiency caused due to modern life style and intake of more and more junk foods. To offer the viable solution of this problem we have clubbed traditional knowledge on plants with modern scientific studies to derive our fine Nutraceutical ingredients and dietary supplements for mankind.
At Aaditya Herbals we offer wide range of Natural (Herbal) extracts, pure compounds from herbs, oleoresins and other related products based on customer's requirement. The products offered by us are precisely monitored by our very experienced team of natural products scientists, production and Quality control professional to get the products complying as per the available pharmacopoeial or in house specifications. To ensure the consistent quality products , batch over batch, we precisely maintain and document all the process parameters and production record as we understand that the success of our customers products largely depends on quality of our ingredients and services offered by us. Our customer support department always keep contact with our valued customers to understand their needs and then co-ordinate with our R&D and production team to offer the best possible solution or product
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