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About Us :

Aaditya Herbals was started in 2002 by the team of highly qualified and experienced people to deliver the quality products to the Nutraceuticals industry. The core member of the team comprises of Ph.D’s, M.B.A., M.Sc. in various disciplines, having 15-25 years experience in R&D, production, QC and Marketing in various capacity and capabilities. The products and services offered to the customers are the outcome of the practical experience of the team by understanding the market trend and need of customer and satisfy them in reasonable time frame.

We understand that success and failure of your products depend much on the quality and performance of the ingredients supplied by us, so it is our moral responsibility and commitment to make sure that everything supplied to you is well in order in respect of every thing. Our dedicated customer support provides all possible support within shortest possible time with proper solutions. Need not to mention that the dedicated and experienced production team following rigorous production norms and quality protocols to match the product upto the optimum level of customer satisfaction.  
By our product and services, we cater the need of Nutraceutical, Herbal, Cosmaceutical and Ayurvedic industry by providing the quality Herbal Extracts, Phytochemicals and Oleoresins. Apart of routine products we also undertake the contract manufacturing of the specified products based on customer’s requirement and specifications with confidentiality agreement and following the right ethics of business
Manufacturing & Quality Assurance :
At Aaditya, we combine the ancient knowledge with latest technologies to manufacture the product complying with all international standards and quality requirements. The products offered to our valued customers are manufactured under cGMP, ISO and Kosher compliant facility following the cGLP practices to ensure the quality protocols of the products. Though every aspect of the quality is precisely monitored but, more emphasis is paid upon the analysis and control of the contaminants viz Heavy Metals, Microbials, Residual Pesticides and Residual solvents. The analysis is carried out by using some of the sophisticated instruments viz : HPLC, GC, GCMS, IR, Spectrophotometer, AAS, Flame Photometer to get the precise accuracy in the analytical values of the parameters declared in the COA.
The extraction media selection plays the key role in the quality and efficacy of the products. At Aaditya, we are capable to do this precisely due to our highly experienced team of manufacturing and QC professionals who understands the nature of products and market requirement nicely. Depending upon the customers requirement we choose the solvent/media of extraction to make sure the product meets all the desired specification in the quality and contaminants. In routine way, we use the Aquous, Alcoholic (Ethanolic) or any other desired solvent to retain the potency and efficacy of the herb in its best and holistic way to the final product.
To make sure the customer is getting right quality the products offered are supported with following documents
.     Certificate of Analysis
.     Non GMO Certificate
.     Non Irradiation certificate
.     Extraction medium (Solvent) declaration
.     Non Allergen certificate
.     Certificate of origin
.     Material safety Data Sheet
Technical Services :
Since Aaditya is managed by a team of technocrats and Management professionals, we, also offer our technical services on mutual interest basis to the customer for their product development and establishing quality protocols for any new product or even upgrading the existing product.
Our Commitment :
At Aaditya, we believe the concept of “Quality in Totality”, and for us it is a journey towards the perfection. Being a responsible and sensitive company, we are committed towards our customer, society and mankind to develop and deliver the right quality products by following strict quality control and current Good Manufacturing Practices.
We believe in the concept of "Let us grow together"
What we offer :
1.     Standardized natural extracts
2.     Phytochemicals (Pure compounds)
3.     Oleo-resins
4.     Conceptual Products / Contract manufacturing
5.     Technical consultancy
6.     Organically certified extracts and raw materials
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